Events in our Cafe


Devotional music by Sri Chinmoy

Arranged by Kanala Auer

Monday, 26.3. kl 19.00, Unity Center, Møllergt 23, Oslo

Tuesday, 27.3. kl 20.00, Fragrance of the Heart Cafe, Fridtjof Nansens pl. 2.

Kanala Auer from Austria has toured worldwide performing on the sitar.

He will be accompanied by tabla, harmonium, flute and guitar. Experience

the resonance of mantric music to lift your heart and soul.

Come and sing mantric songs

Friday 16.3. kl 20.00 Fragrance of the Heart Vegetarian Cafe, Fridtjof Nansens pl. 2.        

Devotional singing, known as Bhajans, can help us to quiet the mind so that the Heart can open to the divine – bringing us deep in Meditation.

All Welcome!